Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things

Today for whatever reason, I was (am) very, very sleepy. No matter, some things must go on, like the 3 Things blog post! Here are 3 things I’m loving this week

1. My New Glasses!

Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 11.12.05 AM
They are Penguin brand, red, and fantastic! The first pair of glasses I’ve ever put on and was like, OMG I LOVE THEM. So, I’m pretty happy! If you need a good Optometrist and are in the Ventura County (or even LA county) area, check out Dr. Rogers, he is the best!

2. Scrunchies


That’s right, I love them. Truth be told, I never really fell out of love with them. With the resurgence of all things 90’s, these babies are back and better than ever! They are so comfy and easy on the hair follicles! I will be making a line of scrunchies for my shop at Heavenly Skull!

3. This DIY Behind the Sofa Table


I’ve been looking up ways to make small spaces more livable and this idea kept popping up. I want to make one!



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