Painting at The Drawlers

23 Jan

Hey everyone,

Instead of doing New Years Resolutions the same way I’ve done for pretty much every year since I was 13, I decided that I didn’t want to systematically write a laundry list this year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s helped me in the past. I always get closer to my overall goals every year, but it’s too slow moving for me at this point, and I need to manifest things quicker. So I just decided to put my goals into action, and just draw and paint again, without guilt of not getting other things done, like laundry and dishes. Those things get done anyway, because I will eventually run out of underwear, and need a mug to drink coffee out of, and I’ll do it.

This year I’ve made a conscious decision to pick up where I left off when I graduated art school, and create art that is truly part of myself. It’s time now, and it was meant to happen now, and not earlier. I’ve picked up so many things along the way. Found out a lot of things about myself, seen, heard and connected to the Divine Consciousness (interpret that how you will) and have so much positivity and beauty to manifest into my art.

I started The Drawlers last year, but haven’t done much with it…until now. This will be my most busy site this year. I have been non stop drawing and painting in the last two weeks. It’s been amazing! The ideas, the visions, they are constant flowing through me. So expect to see some fun stuff! Click the video below to view what I’ve been doing, and make sure to follow!



Dia de los Muertos 2016

10 Nov

Senior Portrait Session

6 Nov



Summer Family Portrait Session

6 Nov

Another Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things

20 Feb

I’m sleepy partly because I fell asleep before 9PM last night and then woke up at 3AM super hungry! I ate some leftover Thai food and proceeded to watch some “Fresh Off the Boat” on Hulu for a while, then went back to sleep around 5:30AM. Feeling quite disoriented, here are my 3 things I’m obsessed with this week:

1. Fresh Off the Boat

Screen shot 2016-02-20 at 6.00.05 PM.png

Of course this is going to be in this post! Not sure what I would have done when I woke up this morning if Hulu didn’t have new episodes of this show. Probably watched something else, but I love this show! Since I’m mostly Asian and there really isn’t much Asian representation on television that isn’t horribly stereotyped, this show is refreshing…and relatable for me, even though I’m not Taiwanese. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you must. Also, Tim Heidecker (from “Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!”) had a cameo as the main character, Eddie Huang’s teacher in one of the episodes I watched last night about a mix tape. I’ll probably watch that one again with the kids.

2. Chirashi Bowls


This particular Chirashi bowl was from I Love Sushi on Victoria Blvd in Ventura, CA, across the street from the Courthouse. I was on lunch from Jury Duty. If you’ve never had a Chirashi bowl, get one!

3. This GIF:


Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things

13 Feb

Today for whatever reason, I was (am) very, very sleepy. No matter, some things must go on, like the 3 Things blog post! Here are 3 things I’m loving this week

1. My New Glasses!

Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 11.12.05 AM
They are Penguin brand, red, and fantastic! The first pair of glasses I’ve ever put on and was like, OMG I LOVE THEM. So, I’m pretty happy! If you need a good Optometrist and are in the Ventura County (or even LA county) area, check out Dr. Rogers, he is the best!

2. Scrunchies


That’s right, I love them. Truth be told, I never really fell out of love with them. With the resurgence of all things 90’s, these babies are back and better than ever! They are so comfy and easy on the hair follicles! I will be making a line of scrunchies for my shop at Heavenly Skull!

3. This DIY Behind the Sofa Table


I’ve been looking up ways to make small spaces more livable and this idea kept popping up. I want to make one!


Saturday Series: 3 Things

6 Feb

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking back in with me on my newest Saturday blog, 3 Things! Here are 3 Things I’m obsessed with this week:

1. My “Paz y Amor” Shirt from
Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 4.48.17 PM.png
Translating from Spanish to English as “Peace and Love,” it’s something we all could use more of. The style of this shirt along with the very cool papel picado inspired graphics of the shirt fit my style perfectly. You must follow their instagram @shopmivida since they post beautiful pics and flash sales there.

2. My Diet is Better Than YoursScreen shot 2016-02-06 at 4.55.07 PM.pngThis show with no other than Insanity’s Shaun T as the host, is really addicting (we’ve been binge watching it on Hulu anytime we get a chance) and extremely informative. With different contestants all wanting to find the best plan for themselves to lose weight, and several different trainers touting their plans as the best, it is a competition for all. My personal favorite has been The Wild Diet, which reminded me that I was doing the Ketogenic diet for a while, then got derailed because some personal issues that I’m not dealing with anymore. I remembered that it was working really well for me, and it was easy for me. So I’m back on it! I’m feeling great and not craving so many unhealthy things. More on that later!

3. Peppermint Tea
Organic Peppermint tea of course! This hot drink is great for the digestive system and has a calming, soothing effect that is perfect for bedtime. I also drink it at work after eating a snack or when things get hectic, to soothe my mind. In addition to the taste being minty and refreshing, inhaling the fresh, peppermint scent is instant aromatherapy. If you haven’t tried drinking peppermint tea on a regular basis, I highly recommend it!