3-29-17 Just Keep Going

Very short message as I am working on a freelance writing job deadline tonight. When you get tired, or discouraged, or feel doubt, sometimes you need to just shut it off, or at least put it aside, and just keep going in the direction you need to. When you can finally deal with the negative emotions, if they are still there, do it and do it thoroughly. Meditation and journaling are great ways to empty the bucket. Often, if you keep going in the right direction, these feelings of despair and negativity will escape on their own. Amazing how that works!

This does not count extreme cases of depression or anxiety. If you are dealing with any dangerous emotions and having scary or violent thoughts, reach out to someone you trust. I’m talking about the everyday negative thoughts that float in and out of our steams of consciousness. Those you can often handle by pushing forward without stopping. Hope that is helpful for some of you.

Goodnight everyone!


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