Cynicism is Overrated. 

Cynicism is highly overrated while being open to the unknown is wrongly ridiculed. 

I’ll be writing more on this topic, but had to post this before going to sleep. 


Experimenting tonight…going to bed super early! 

Going to bed and getting to sleep before midnight? Actually in bed now and trying to sleep before 10. The plan is to get up at 5am and start my day, so that I have hours before the day job to do things I want to do, that I have no energy or brain power to do when I get home at night. Time to get some shut eye so I can get stuff done tomorrow. Good night everyone! Sweet dreams! 


Question for you all…

I’ve been wanting to get more spiritual in my posts. I know a lot of you are on the same wave of seeking  out your faith and meaning, and I’d like to get your input on some topics to touch on in the next few weeks. What aspects of spirituality and faith would you like to see me write about? 

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4-22-17 Happy Earth Day!

Today was the first day in a long time that I decided to take a “Sabbath” and not do anything “productive.” In doing so, I think I have made more of a connection with the people I love than I normally do on a “productive” day. Going to take more Sabbaths in the future. After all, if God rested on the 7th day, why don’t I accept that I, too, need rest? 

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4-1-17 Daily Reminder: YOUR Health is a Major Priority!

Don’t ever get so busy and distracted that you forget that YOUR health is a major priority! You are worth feeling as good as you possibly can! Go out there and do something good for yourself!


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3-30-17 Sometimes You Need to Stop!

Remember yesterday when I talked about how to keep going when you need to? Well just as important is to know when you NEED to stop. We can all over do on things whether it’s work or fun, or whatever it may be. Too much of a good thing can end up being not such a good thing. So when you really feel like the right thing to do is to stop and reset? Please do that! You can pick up where you left off after you fill your cup. The important thing is to go back to it and not give up because of a break. Hope that’s helpful for some of you!


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Life is beautiful, isn’t it? Yeah, sometimes it becomes difficult to survive and to be happy. How frustrating it is, but you never can estimate the value of life. It gives us endless possibilities. No person has all the answers to a happy life, but everyone has something to share. There are some experiences which […]

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3-29-17 Just Keep Going

Very short message as I am working on a freelance writing job deadline tonight. When you get tired, or discouraged, or feel doubt, sometimes you need to just shut it off, or at least put it aside, and just keep going in the direction you need to. When you can finally deal with the negative emotions, if they are still there, do it and do it thoroughly. Meditation and journaling are great ways to empty the bucket. Often, if you keep going in the right direction, these feelings of despair and negativity will escape on their own. Amazing how that works!

This does not count extreme cases of depression or anxiety. If you are dealing with any dangerous emotions and having scary or violent thoughts, reach out to someone you trust. I’m talking about the everyday negative thoughts that float in and out of our steams of consciousness. Those you can often handle by pushing forward without stopping. Hope that is helpful for some of you.

Goodnight everyone!

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3-28-17 Creativity? Levels Unlocked! 

Feeling stagnant? Feeling like your brain has been running on autopilot for a while? Time to wake it up! Do something creative, even if you’ve never done anything creative in your life. Creativity, and the act of creating, unlocks powerful levels in mind, body, heart, and spirit. It is most definitely a part of self care, self development, and self awareness. It creates a positive ripple effect within you that can ripple out toward others. Being creative can be healing. 

Not sure how to be creative? Take a painting class, write a poem, watch some Bob Ross and experiment on your own, cut up pictures from magazines and put them back together in your own way and create a collage. Write a story. Look up a DIY project (Pinterest!), learn how to make jewelry or how to work with wood. Take your camera somewhere and start taking beautiful pictures. Learn how to play an instrument. Anything you’ve ever thought might be fun to try one day, try it now. Your inner child will thank you. 

I will be creating some painting vids soon at The Drawlers channel so stay tuned!