Nasty Food Marketing Competition

Is it just me or are fast food companies making their already disgusting choices even worse? Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu? Subway’s nasty Fritos enchilada sandwich thingie, or Dominoes and their chicken dish that looks like puke on a paper towel? I expect cheeseburgers with way too much meat and cheese, but these places are taking these menus to new, nasty heights. It’s almost like they all got together and decided to market the most unappetizing recipes they could come up with and see if they could get people to want to buy them. Well done, guys. To anyone reading this, whether you eat organically or not, just based on how gross the food looks-don’t fall for the marketing. Think about what you’re spending money on and will be shoving down your throat. I swear, every time I see one of those commercials, my stomach turns!


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