Foodie Friday: Fresh Greens

I have no picture because it’s been a whirlwind of a day (in a good way) but I started my day after dropping off my kid at school and starting the bubble machine in the backyard for the little one, by thinning out the greens from my little garden in the back. I got some wild arugula a while back from my friend who runs Camarillo Seeds, and they still had roots on them. so I ate half and replanted the other half in my backyard. They have taken off! These arugula are different from the kinds I usually buy. They are extra spicy and peppery! So good! I also thinned out my Swiss chard and had big beautiful leaves. Tonight with a pizza dinner, I quickly sautéed these greens as well as some spinach grown by my next door neighbors. I made a warm green salad with some chèvre and it was sooo delicious and nutritious! I could feel the nutrition enter my body. I hope some of you know that exact feeling I’m talking about!


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