Not Enough Hours in the Day

Today I woke up in a great mood, ready to get crackin on everything on my to do list. I even started by washing the dishes. Because there were enough for 3 dishwashers full, I only got through one batch (and we DON’T have a dishwasher, unless you count me). The baby was extremely clingy today and wanted to do nothing but nurse. But I persisted and got some work done. Then I looked at the clock. Way more time passed than I realized and I had to go turn in overdue library books, pay the overdue water bill, take a trunkful of old stuff to the thrift store and boost morale in the house because the kids just looked sad with cabin fever today. So i figured I’d take them to lunch, since that was overdue, too. So we got everything ready and the kids got into the car while I tried to pay the water bill online. No go. My old computer’s Internet stopped working and I had the acct number and pin saved on that one. My main working computer needed the information I had saved on the other one and I don’t have that written down anywhere. So I say forget it. I’ll deal with it when I get back. Meet the kids at the car and turn the key. My car battery is dead! Still feeling optimistic, I say, let’s walk to get something to eat and go to the store (we were completely out of toilet paper, trash bags, kitty litter and cat food). Not even halfway there, one of the kids (won’t say which one, in case that kid reads this blog one day) has an episode that lasts the whole lunch, store visit and into coming home. Surprise! It’s already late! And I got only a fraction done of what I wanted. I didn’t cook dinner. I had to spend money to get food tonight. Not fast food though, but really good and healthy Lebanese food from our neighborhood market. Spent about the same as I would have at a fast food place. Still had to catch up on work and it’s now nearly midnight and I’m nursing a toddler who falls asleep with teeth clenched (you know where) and still thinking about that unpaid water bill. Guess I’ll have to call the bill in in the morning. Oh yeah, and thank goodness for triple A. I’ll need to call them in the morning, too. Hopefully at some point I can get some work and cleaning in. I will definitely have to delegate tomorrow. Sorry kiddos!



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  1. I feel your pain. I have definitely had one of those days before. I should say, “thank goodness they’re grown”, but then that comes with a different set of issues…ahhh that’s life.

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