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3-22-17 Everyday Celebrations

What if you made every little thing you do a celebration? Every boring, menial task...make it a mini celebration,ย in some way. This applies especially to tasks that often feel hurried. Slow it down where you can. Take an opportunity to have a meal or coffee with a friend before or after the task, sing loudly… Continue reading 3-22-17 Everyday Celebrations

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3-21-18 Chipping Away

Quick thought this morning about how slowly and quickly time passes. It often seems slow, so after we come home from the work day with an already tired mindset, we've given up for the day. It's easy to fall into the slump of thinking that the day is over. To plop down and watch television… Continue reading 3-21-18 Chipping Away

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3-19-17 Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday. In the not so far off past, I would dread The work week so badly that I wouldn't even enjoy my Sundays. All of Sunday from the minute in wake up to the minutes I'd toss and turn trying to get in a decent night's sleep before the alarm rang, I would be… Continue reading 3-19-17 Sunday Funday

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Morning Solitude

This morning I was able to meditate and drink some matcha green tea. Surrounded by simple beauty and the leftovers of my kids playing back here during the summer, I was compelled to take pictures. Glad I did! I followed this by doing some yoga out here, as the sun was getting hot. Very intense.… Continue reading Morning Solitude

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The Importance of Beauty

I've forgotten about how truly important beauty is and what it means for my life. Of course, there are more urgent matters throughout the day, everyday. As a mom, making sure my kids are fed, that they are taken care of, that they are safe-these things are more important than the kinds of beauty I've… Continue reading The Importance of Beauty

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ART! The Magazine Issue 4 out now!

I will post where you can pick one up as soon as I find out!

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Had Angst, Made Coffee, Painted Zombies.

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ART! The Magazine Issue 4

Hooray! I got to be a big part of this issue, so check it out! In print very soon, but preview it at ISSUU for now: http://issuu.com/artthemagazine/docs/art_themag_issue4_issuu

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Field Trip Work Day

Sometimes Carlos goes on field trips for work. Today was one of those days. I was able to work mostly on my phone this afternoon, so the baby and I got to go with him. What a beautiful drive it was to Malibu. We drove on PCH, and because it's still winter, the road was… Continue reading Field Trip Work Day

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Writing and Designing for ART! The Magazine

Just finished an article about artist Alfie Numeric. Look for the next issue coming soon! Check out more about ART! The Magazine: http://artthemagazine.com/