A WAHM’s work is never done!

There are pros and cons to being a work at home mom. Being able to be with my kids almost 24/7 is extremely rewarding. I am very thankful for the opportunities given to me to be able to do this. That being said, sometimes I feel like I never get a break. I don’t go to work and focus only on my job. I don’t have the luxury of being able to focus only on cooking and cleaning and the kids. It’s a constant juggle of working, parenting and housework. There are no time constraints and kids don’t generally get the idea that if mommy is working, she needs to focus and doesn’t need to hear about Finn and Jake right at that moment.

Right now my stubborn toddler is refusing to fall asleep as I’m trying to nurse him. I have a dirty kitchen and need to put food away, pack my husband’s lunch and wash the dishes. I have a full dryer and full washer that need to be switched out and clothes that need to be folded. I need to write up 4 more SEO blogs, take care of some custom tattoo requests and schedule at least 24 Facebook posts. I don’t know what time Rocky will fall asleep, but no matter how late it is, I still have to take care of the things listed above, even if I’m up until 3 am. And forget sleeping in, I wake up however early the baby wakes up to nurse–and I have work in the morning, so I need to be online. For those who think being a work at home mom is a breeze, it definitely is NOT! But I love it anyway (even if it drives me nuts half the time).

Bonding with Rocky

Today was one of the best days I’ve had with Rocky since he’s been born. He is more difficult than my older son was. He demands more attention and often not in cute ways. He has a scream that reaches a pitch that goes straight to my brain and there isn’t a gradual cry to get there. If he’s upset about one of his toy cars not going where he wants, it’s the same blood curdling scream as when he’s REALLY scared or upset.

Today, however, he woke up calm and happy, and was just that the whole day! His brother and sister were with their grandparents so it was just he and I. I have to admit I was worried about how he would feel today without brother or sister there, but he did surprisingly well! He was sweet and affectionate but also independent and focused. He ate all day, whatever I gave him. And he nursed, but not obsessively. He and I had a wonderful day together and got things done at the same time. I cooked, cleaned, worked, exercised, and he had a bath, climbed, ran, lined up his cars, looked through books and took a nice nap.

I hope this is a sign of how it will be when both the older kids go back to school and it’s just the baby and I for the majority of the day. I expect there will be difficult days, too, as there always are, but with days like today, I can deal with them. 🙂


Not Enough Hours in the Day

Today I woke up in a great mood, ready to get crackin on everything on my to do list. I even started by washing the dishes. Because there were enough for 3 dishwashers full, I only got through one batch (and we DON’T have a dishwasher, unless you count me). The baby was extremely clingy today and wanted to do nothing but nurse. But I persisted and got some work done. Then I looked at the clock. Way more time passed than I realized and I had to go turn in overdue library books, pay the overdue water bill, take a trunkful of old stuff to the thrift store and boost morale in the house because the kids just looked sad with cabin fever today. So i figured I’d take them to lunch, since that was overdue, too. So we got everything ready and the kids got into the car while I tried to pay the water bill online. No go. My old computer’s Internet stopped working and I had the acct number and pin saved on that one. My main working computer needed the information I had saved on the other one and I don’t have that written down anywhere. So I say forget it. I’ll deal with it when I get back. Meet the kids at the car and turn the key. My car battery is dead! Still feeling optimistic, I say, let’s walk to get something to eat and go to the store (we were completely out of toilet paper, trash bags, kitty litter and cat food). Not even halfway there, one of the kids (won’t say which one, in case that kid reads this blog one day) has an episode that lasts the whole lunch, store visit and into coming home. Surprise! It’s already late! And I got only a fraction done of what I wanted. I didn’t cook dinner. I had to spend money to get food tonight. Not fast food though, but really good and healthy Lebanese food from our neighborhood market. Spent about the same as I would have at a fast food place. Still had to catch up on work and it’s now nearly midnight and I’m nursing a toddler who falls asleep with teeth clenched (you know where) and still thinking about that unpaid water bill. Guess I’ll have to call the bill in in the morning. Oh yeah, and thank goodness for triple A. I’ll need to call them in the morning, too. Hopefully at some point I can get some work and cleaning in. I will definitely have to delegate tomorrow. Sorry kiddos!


Toddler Time

Some mornings are harder than others, especially with a toddler. They have no sense of work or deadlines. They just want to spend time with mama! I gave up trying to work at the computer because his crying and screaming and pulling were such a distraction it was pointless. So I’m working on my phone, with the boy standing on my back. After he roughed me up and messed up my hair and gave me a few headbutts. Feeling a bit defeated but I will figure something out…


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