Sweet & Tangy Blueberry Jam

I originally meant to reblog this in its entirety. Here you go! Let me know if any of you try this out, too. Sounds delectably easy for a Saturday morning before the farmer’s market!


If you’ve been buying store-bought jam, you’ve been missing out. 

Real blueberry jam is so ridiculously easy, you could make it every morning to go with your bagel, and then every afternoon to go with your PB&J. 

Seriously. Stop buying the jar stuff. It’s filled with weird ingredients, preservatives, and heaping amounts of sugar. 

Don’t you wish you had control over your life? Well now, you can at least have control over your jam.

With that, you’ll soon have control over your bagels. Then your PB&J. Then your breakfast and lunch and dinner. 

And then your life.

Your transformation begins with jam. This jam. 

Sweet & Tangy Blueberry Jam

Notes: You can substitute any berry in place of blueberries. Get creative! 1 cup of blueberries reduces to 1/4 cup of jam, so I suggest using 50 gallons of blueberries for maximum jam enjoyment.

Taste & Texture: I considered adding lemon…

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