A Super-Healthy Butter

I am a huge fan of mung beans, or as my grandma called them, mungo beans. I will definitely be trying this recipe. I’ve got a bag of the beans in my pantry to use right now!


Peanuts, chickpeas, almonds, hazelnuts. Those are all healthy things by themselves, but when we make butter out of them, we put in a ton of oils. Yes, oils do have good healthy fats, but let’s be honest — how many of us actually only manage to eat recommended servings of anything with the word “butter” in it? Yeah. I didn’t raise my hand either. 

So I decided to use something else: mung beans. 

To be honest, smashing mung beans and making it yummy isn’t a new invention — mung bean paste is something used across Asia to jazz up pastries. This mung bean butter is more like a simplified version of an old Chinese favorite.

Whoa. That just sounded like a description of me, in comparison to my parents. 

Also, mung beans are really healthy. Just ask my friend the Nutrition Label: 


(Don’t be freaked out by the 330 calories thing. Unless you’re…

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