Semi Sleep Training Success

So after almost 2 years if my baby not sleeping through the night, EVER, I have recently gotten him to take a nap in his bassinet. He hasn’t slept in there since he was about 3 months. So as you can imagine I was elated when I was able to feed him and then move him into the bassinet. He slept for two hours!

Tonight he fell asleep during a feeding after a bath and Carlos was able to move him into the bassinet where he is still asleep! I am hoping he will sleep through the night, finally!! I will let you know how he did when I wake up in the morning!


Toddler Time

Some mornings are harder than others, especially with a toddler. They have no sense of work or deadlines. They just want to spend time with mama! I gave up trying to work at the computer because his crying and screaming and pulling were such a distraction it was pointless. So I’m working on my phone, with the boy standing on my back. After he roughed me up and messed up my hair and gave me a few headbutts. Feeling a bit defeated but I will figure something out…


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