Menu for the Week

To keep our eating habits on track, I find creating this restaurant style chalkboard menu makes it fun (and a little bit fancy) for everyone. The kids love it and the whole family even gets to have some input on whether they like what’s on the menu for that week or if they have better suggestions. I’ve been using sidewalk chalk which is kind of hard to write with. I’ll be investing in some normal sized chalk soon!

Farmers Market and Still Life

Healthy eating is a very high priority in our household. With the current issue of GMOs in food these days, we choose to buy almost 100% organic and non GMO foods. I know what you’re thinking, it’s expensive! Let me tell you, we are definitely not rich (yet) and I have to make each paycheck stretch. But where there is a will there is a way! I actually end up paying less for healthy options most of the time than the norm. Coupons, clearance items, farmers market/local produce, and cooking majority of our meals at home make this possible.

I’ll delve into more of that in later posts, but for now check out these beautiful pictures of organic grapes, mini peppers and red green beans! These will be incorporated into a still life painting!





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