Bruno Mars and The Killers

So I was among the lucky Time Warner customers that did not get to see half time when it was actually showing. This, by the way, was the only half time show I’ve ever been excited about because of Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, so I was pretty bummed. One of my friends was able to send me a link to the actual performance (and not a bunch of youtube trash named Bruno Mars Halftime Show that ended up being some random person talking about the performance) and WOW I was really inspired! Unfortunately that link is gone now, of course, but I was able to find one that works (just click on the pic below):


Bruno killed it on those drums!! What an entrance! The dancing, the singing, the splits! It was an amazing performance. And then The Red Hot Chili Peppers came out and rocked it! All the energy on the stage was great. What a cool musical pairing!


The night before this performance, I got to watch a DVR’d episode of “Live from the Artist’s Den” featuring my FAVORITE band of all time, The Killers! I was in awe. So inspiring to an artist, even though I’m a visual artist, to perfect my craft, to truly express myself, without fear, and 100% confidence. Brandon Flowers and the look in his eyes when he does what he does best, it is spellbinding. So that was my weekend, full of cooking and working of course, as usual, but two days of being completely inspired by music. I got the chills and the itch to create!



THE LOOK. IN THE EYES. That is what being an artist of any kind is all about.

Eating Fear: Epic Metal

Check out a local 805 band, Eating Fear!

Eating fear has been steadily growing not only locally, but internationally since 2011. Their band delivers a unique brand of metal, encompassing elements of the brutal Black/Death sound which can give way to beautiful; groove melodies and soundscapes. They are an epic experience in the extreme music scene. Using a creative and destructive force, Eating Fear demands your attention! With their history, music and intense live performances, they WILL have it!


Currently the band is actively touring with more well known metal acts such as Abigail Williams & Bonded By Blood. The band continues to plan national and international shows, so stay tuned!

Eating Fear artwork by Danny Meza
Eating Fear artwork by Danny Meza

Eating Fear artwork by none other than the extremely talented artist, Danny Meza!

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