Had Angst, Made Coffee, Painted Zombies.



Writing and Designing for ART! The Magazine

Writing and Designing for ART! The Magazine

Just finished an article about artist Alfie Numeric. Look for the next issue coming soon! Check out more about ART! The Magazine: http://artthemagazine.com/

Heavenly Skull at the Museum of Ventura County

Had a great time in Ventura today vending at the Museum of Ventura County. The weather was beautiful and had yummy Thai food from Rice on Main St. Didn’t make a lot of sales but made a lot of great contacts. The artists and creatives in the 805 are awesome! Very glad I ventured out today. I’ll be listing a lot of new items on etsy this week. For more info on my shop, check out www.heavenlyskull.com!





Eating Fear: Epic Metal

Check out a local 805 band, Eating Fear!

Eating fear has been steadily growing not only locally, but internationally since 2011. Their band delivers a unique brand of metal, encompassing elements of the brutal Black/Death sound which can give way to beautiful; groove melodies and soundscapes. They are an epic experience in the extreme music scene. Using a creative and destructive force, Eating Fear demands your attention! With their history, music and intense live performances, they WILL have it!


Currently the band is actively touring with more well known metal acts such as Abigail Williams & Bonded By Blood. The band continues to plan national and international shows, so stay tuned!

Eating Fear artwork by Danny Meza
Eating Fear artwork by Danny Meza

Eating Fear artwork by none other than the extremely talented artist, Danny Meza!