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3-14-17 Coffee and Nature

Like many Americans, I start my day with a cup of coffee. Depending on how sleepy I am, I'll either make my usual cup, or I'll go to the local Starbucks and get something with a little (or a lot) more kick in it. But here's something I've found about coffee or caffeine (green tea… Continue reading 3-14-17 Coffee and Nature

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Morning Solitude

This morning I was able to meditate and drink some matcha green tea. Surrounded by simple beauty and the leftovers of my kids playing back here during the summer, I was compelled to take pictures. Glad I did! I followed this by doing some yoga out here, as the sun was getting hot. Very intense.… Continue reading Morning Solitude

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March Against Monsanto

I completely forgot my Friday post again but for good reason. We stayed up working on signs for the March Against Monsanto that happened worldwide on Saturday. So many people don't know what corporations are doing to over 90% of the food we buy, and the worst types of GMO foods are being marketed and fed to… Continue reading March Against Monsanto

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Giant Cabbage and Galumpkis

I did it again! I forgot to post about food on Friday! Sorry guys! It was for a good cause though. Had a much deserved date night with the hubby and we decided to take advantage of the hot weather and high tail it to the beach. It was great! But now for the food.… Continue reading Giant Cabbage and Galumpkis

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Foodie Monday: Harvesting Potatoes

So I wasn't able to post a foodie Friday post last Friday, but it was my birthday and I was vacationing with the family. Much needed! Anyway, I'm posting today with my first potato harvest! The picture above was what I pulled out of the orange laundry basket I used to plant potatoes. Didn't take… Continue reading Foodie Monday: Harvesting Potatoes

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The Importance of Beauty

I've forgotten about how truly important beauty is and what it means for my life. Of course, there are more urgent matters throughout the day, everyday. As a mom, making sure my kids are fed, that they are taken care of, that they are safe-these things are more important than the kinds of beauty I've… Continue reading The Importance of Beauty

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Happiness – A Journey

Going through a very transitional period in my life. I can feel the pull to either make it or break it. Vernon Courtland Johnson once read me, in passing while reading the rest of my family in more depth. I was busy vending at an art show, so I only had time to say hello.… Continue reading Happiness – A Journey

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Growing Wheatgrass

At the Farmer's Market, we tried a shot of wheatgrass from one of the vendors. She kept telling us how great the stuff is for teeth and gums, which of course made us look right at her mouth. Her teeth and gums looked really healthy! Her skin also looked very clear. You could tell she… Continue reading Growing Wheatgrass

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Toddler Garden

My mother in law brought me 3 of these little garden fence things from the 99 cents store. Instead of using it for my garden, which wasn't working, I created a space for Rocky to have his own little garden to learn about how things grow. The dirt was packed solid so I made sure… Continue reading Toddler Garden

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Gardening, Great Ideas and Great Neighbors!

I thought I'd share this very simple yet cool idea: And our neighbors brought us a bunch of produce from a friends local garden! All organic and the biggest chard I've ever seen! We had to wash it in the bathtub and use the baby tub to hold them all! And lastly, a cute pic… Continue reading Gardening, Great Ideas and Great Neighbors!