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Being Present

In a fast paced, information overloaded world, it can be difficult to "be in the present" sometimes. We are constantly worrying about the future, as well as the past. One of the most important steps of being "in the present" is being able to differentiate the present from thoughts of the future and past. As… Continue reading Being Present

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Painting at The Drawlers

Hey everyone, Instead of doing New Years Resolutions the same way I've done for pretty much every year since I was 13, I decided that I didn't want to systematically write a laundry list this year. Don't get me wrong, it's helped me in the past. I always get closer to my overall goals every… Continue reading Painting at The Drawlers

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Dia de los Muertos 2016


Another Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things

I'm sleepy partly because I fell asleep before 9PM last night and then woke up at 3AM super hungry! I ate some leftover Thai food and proceeded to watch some "Fresh Off the Boat" on Hulu for a while, then went back to sleep around 5:30AM. Feeling quite disoriented, here are my 3 things I'm… Continue reading Another Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things


Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things

Today for whatever reason, I was (am) very, very sleepy. No matter, some things must go on, like the 3 Things blog post! Here are 3 things I'm loving this week 1. My New Glasses! They are Penguin brand, red, and fantastic! The first pair of glasses I've ever put on and was like, OMG I… Continue reading Sleepy Saturday: 3 Things


Saturday Series: 3 Things

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking back in with me on my newest Saturday blog, 3 Things! Here are 3 Things I'm obsessed with this week: 1. My "Paz y Amor" Shirt from ShopMiVida.com Translating from Spanish to English as "Peace and Love," it's something we all could use more of. The style of this shirt… Continue reading Saturday Series: 3 Things


New Saturday Blog Series: 3 Things

It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm back! Once again, life got derailed, but did it really get derailed? Isn't that a huge part of life? Isn't that how we grow and learn? Like a phoenix rises through the ashes, we transform many times throughout life if we allow ourselves to. I am… Continue reading New Saturday Blog Series: 3 Things

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Meeting Jasmine Becket-Griffith at Wonderground Gallery!

I got to check off one exciting thing from my bucket list this past Saturday. One of my favorite living artists, Jasmine Becket-Griffith was not only showing her work at the Wonderground Gallery at Downtown Disney, but she completely TOOK OVER the entire gallery! She was there in person, and I finally got to meet… Continue reading Meeting Jasmine Becket-Griffith at Wonderground Gallery!