Daily Messages

Here you’ll find daily nuggets of positivity to help you along your journey. Please share with friends and family who may need a specific post. Each of my daily messages will be about a paragraph long and will have the date and main topic in the headline. I hope these are helpful to you!

4-19-17 When Your Faith Gets Shaky
4-18-17 Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid
4-17-17 Bad Habits
4-12-17 Truly Good Intentions

4-9-17 Vitamin D
4-7-17 Empaths of the World Unite
4-6-17 Love, in any Condition You Find Yourself In
4-1-17 YOUR Health is a Major Priority
3-30-17 Sometimes You Need to Stop 
3-29-17 Just Keep Going
3-28-17 Creativity? Levels Unlocked!
3-27-17 Give Yourself Good Advice
3-23-17 Sending You Positive Energy 
3-22-17 Everyday Celebrations
3-21-17 Chipping Away
3-19-17 Sunday Funday
3-18-17 Stop 
3-17-17 Spontaneity
3-16-17 Embrace the Negative Space
3-15-17 Underlying Fears
3-14-17 Coffee and Nature
3-13-17 Ego