ART! The Magazine Issue 4 out now!

12 Mar

ART! The Magazine Issue 4 out now!

I will post where you can pick one up as soon as I find out!

Had Angst, Made Coffee, Painted Zombies.

21 Feb



Great blog post on the differences between a girl and a woman.

19 Feb

Great blog post on the differences between a girl and a woman.

What a GREAT LIST. I normally don’t post these, but I just had to share this.

Growing Wheatgrass

16 Feb


At the Farmer’s Market, we tried a shot of wheatgrass from one of the vendors. She kept telling us how great the stuff is for teeth and gums, which of course made us look right at her mouth. Her teeth and gums looked really healthy! Her skin also looked very clear. You could tell she wasn’t wearing much makeup at all if any. I’ve been reading about growing wheatgrass for a while now, so we ended up buying some seeds from her that were already sprouted. Only $4.50 for a giant bag! I planted quite a bit, but still have a lot left! I need to make more growing trays. Anyway, this is my first time growing this, and I created a makeshift tray out of some leftover tomato plastic containers from Fresh N Easy:


I cut them in half and then poked holes for drainage:


My second tray ended up better.

ImageFilled it with rich soil and compost that i had mixed together earlier. I added water to make sure it was a nice moist mixture, kind of like brownie batter!

ImageOriginally I placed too many seeds…

ImageThe tray on top of the other half to allow for drainage…

ImagePretty wheatgrass trays all in a row…

ImageWatered it, and the drainage system looks like it’s working well…

ImageCovered them up for the night…

I’ll post progress pics of success or failure. :)


ART! The Magazine Issue 4

13 Feb

ART! The Magazine Issue 4

Hooray! I got to be a big part of this issue, so check it out! In print very soon, but preview it at ISSUU for now:

From Food Blog to Cookbook: The Domestic Man

11 Feb Featured Image -- 316

Naomi Valdivia:

You MUST check out his blog. Really enlightening!

Originally posted on News:

Russ Crandall Russ Crandall established his blog,  The Domestic Man to chronicle his culinary and gardening adventures and a lifestyle modeled after the Paleo diet, which focuses on natural, unprocessed foods. Over the years, his recipes have evolved to focus on fundamental, traditional, and historically relevant meals.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of his cookbook of the same name, The Domestic Man, which pairs recipes with short histories of dishes — and mouth-watering full-page photographs. The cookbook is for both novice and experienced chefs, Paleo eaters looking beyond the traditional Paleo diet, and people who want to test out the Paleo way.

We chatted with Russ about the blog-to-book process — and his food photography tips, too.

Tell us how your blog was born.

My wife and I moved into a house of our own in 2008. Having spent the past ten years living with roommates or relatives…

View original 1,061 more words

Sick Toddler and Self Realization

8 Feb

My littlest one was sick this week. The picture is when he started to feel a bit better, sitting in the cozy and warm “throne” I made him. I’m always busy here at home, often working, which is very difficult when this little guy is in mommy mode. As all you parents know, when a child is not feeling well, he just wants his mommy! Well earlier in the week I was frustrated with this dynamic. I felt bad for him but I was also trying hard I keep up with my schedule. Begrudgingly, I stopped working to nurse him and get him to sleep. I didn’t get any sleep that night, as he kept waking up congested and coughing and crying for milk. I only fell into a deep sleep as the sun was coming up. I must have slept for less than an hour, but the nightmare I had felt longer.
I dreamed that somehow when I had Rocky, drugged up during the C section, I had actually had twins, and that my second baby was taken away without me knowing. I was reunited with him in my dream-now a toddler, looking just like Rocky. I’m pretty sure this “twin” thing was just to protect my heart from the heartbreak that was coming. In my dream I was holding him for a bit but had this pulling feeling if needing to get to an audition. (I’m not an actor, but I guess in my dream I was auditioning for something. But the feeling that I had other things I needed to do was the same as in my real life.) As I was pulling away, he pulled my far toward him. I told him, “I love you!” Like I often tell Rocky. I had sill been waiting for him to repeat it. Then this twin clearly said, “I love you, Mama!” I was so happy and I held him. As I held him and was looking at his face, something went wrong. The life left his face. He died in my arms. I started crying so hard, I felt I couldn’t breathe. I cried so hard that I woke up. And in my bed, I’m holding onto Rocky crying and crying. My older two came in and comforted me when I told them a very short version of what I had just experienced, still not fully realizing that it wasn’t my reality. Even as I type this, there are tears flowing from my eyes.
After that dream, I spent a lot of time with my sick little guy, lots if hugs and kisses, no frustration wen he wanted to nurse, I spent extra attention to keeping him well fed and baked gluten free brownies and made him some more orange juice. Doting on him, wiping his nose and continuously applying kids Cherry Vapo Rub. I still got work done, but I was reminded that I work from home for my kids, that he’s not in the way of work. Sometimes even the best parents need a reminder of what’s important. By the end of the day, he was feeling tons better, and more than just physically better, I could tell that he was happier and felt more loved. I slept much better that night.


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